3 Ingredient Pumpkin Soup

Soup Season is one of my favorite seasons! Let's celebrate with one of my go-to comfort soups 😊 My mom loved making her version and it always filled my house with wonderful Fall smells. But it would take so long that I'd usually have to wait until she served it at Thanksgiving! Now I make … Continue reading 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Soup


Raw Life Cafe & Juice Bar

First off, Raw Cafe and Juice Bar doesn't have the certifications to be called "gluten free" but they do not carry amything with gluten (or peanut) ingredients and have a warning posted about possible traces amounts of those allergens. That being said, as a celiac I felt safe eating here. Not only safe, but excited! … Continue reading Raw Life Cafe & Juice Bar

Maggie McFly’s Celiac Awareness Blogger Event

May is a special month known as National Celiac Awareness Month. Myself and a few bloggers were invited to join Maggie Mcfly's in celebrating and trying some of their gluten free options! Local and fresh is the name of the game for this restaurant chain. Companies you know and love from the area are given … Continue reading Maggie McFly’s Celiac Awareness Blogger Event

Essential Oils

Hello Everyone! I recently got a diffuser! I wanted to make a super quick post with two of the most helpful links that I found for choosing oils: http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2013/05/10-must-try-essential-oil-recipes-for-your-diffuser.html https://www.nontoxicreboot.com/essential-oils-guide/ Reminder if you are looking into getting a diffuser: essential oils are toxic for cats! They do not have the appropriate enzyme (glucuronyl transferase) to … Continue reading Essential Oils