Maggie McFly’s Celiac Awareness Blogger Event

May is a special month known as National Celiac Awareness Month. Myself and a few bloggers were invited to join Maggie Mcfly's in celebrating and trying some of their gluten free options! Local and fresh is the name of the game for this restaurant chain. Companies you know and love from the area are given … Continue reading Maggie McFly’s Celiac Awareness Blogger Event


Burton’s Grill

Do you ever see a picture of food and suddenly crave it? That's what happened to me when I saw a picture of the gluten free Maxx Burger from Burton's Grill in South Windsor, CT. Upon looking at their page and seeing how accomidating they were for being "gluten sensitive", I knew I had to … Continue reading Burton’s Grill

Essential Oils

Hello Everyone! I recently got a diffuser! I wanted to make a super quick post with two of the most helpful links that I found for choosing oils: Reminder if you are looking into getting a diffuser: essential oils are toxic for cats! They do not have the appropriate enzyme (glucuronyl transferase) to … Continue reading Essential Oils

My Top 3 Beauty Companies of 2017!

My love for healthy beauty care may not have started in 2017, but I definitely let it spread it's roots this past year! I found a lot of great brands and products to incorporate in my regular routines. All of these are cruelty free! I also try to use vegan products when possible. Honorable Mention: … Continue reading My Top 3 Beauty Companies of 2017!