Gluten Free Beer??

So as the holiday are approaching, I came upon this wonderful list…Best GF Beers!

I have had my various encounters with GF beers. From going to stores to buy it, to bars, to the Gluten Free Food Expo, there are more options out there now. There’s a bar/restaurant that I go to sometimes that has a lot of beers on tap. It’s great for everyone I go with to be able to try all these different types and flavors. They even have free tasting classes! Sometimes I feel a little left out because hey, there aren’t any I can have on tap (although they do have some yummy ciders sometimes 🙂 ). That’s why I was so excited by this list. I finally got to see a lot of options side by side! Plus it tells you whether it’s gluten reduced or gluten free! It also explains the difference for people who are new to the GF alcohol dilemma.

Here’s the link!



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