Seven Day Skincare Series!

Starting today, I’m doing a series over on my Instagram (@gfreesammi) about my skincare 🙂

First things first, my skin type. I naturally have dry skin. Due to my hormones and medications, it can get extra dry. This series is all about what works for me. You may find different products work for you, whether you’re oily, combo, dry, etc. I exclusively use products that are natural and cruelty free.

You may have heard phrases like “taking care of your skin starts on the inside”. That’s what Day 1 of this series is all about! I live a healthy lifestyle, but there are 3 ongoing habits that really make a difference specifically in my skin:

  1. Drinking Water. Everyone is sick of hearing this. I was sick of hearing this. Drink more water! Keep hydrated! Even while growing up surrounded by the health food world, water was something I never really took seriously. It takes paying attention to throughout the whole day. Plus when you first start drinking more water, you resent always. having. to. pee. Not that that part ever fully goes away. Over a long period of keeping hydrated, I started to see a lot of improvements in my health, including my skin.
  2. Fish Oil. When I was in high school a doctor wanted me on omega fatty acids. She preferred the supplement to have both omega 3 and 9, but said it must at least have omega 3. A little background about omega supplements: Fish oil contains omega 3. Nuts and seed blends contain all 3 essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9). So I obviously tried the plant based ones first. After not seeing much result, I tried fish oils. My body did noticeably better. With all of the improvements from this, I also noticed a huge one in my skin. Also a non-sponsored shout out to Nordic Naturals for making a fish oil supplement with the added 6 and 9 from plants.
  3. Collagen. The one I have is actually collagen with hyaluronic acid (supports healthy skin hydration) and vitamin c (supports skin and collagen health). I actually got these chews because someone else didn’t want them. They are kind of like candy, so I would have one once a day. Chews and gummies are known for being lower potency, so I wasn’t really expecting anything. About a week or two later, I noticed how much softer my skin was after I did a face scrub. Scrubs usually make my skin softer, but this was a whole new level. I hadn’t changed any skincare products…what could it be? The collagen chews! I have been repurchasing the chews specifically because they have the hyaluronic acid.

Keep checking my Instagram throughout the week to see the rest of the series 🙂


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