Jersey Mike’s

I was very confused to see a lot of posts going around about gluten free sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s. That is,  until they announced that they started carrying Udi’s subs! Now the only thing left to do was try it out!

Of course the first thing on any celiac’s mind when they first hear about gluten free options is cross contamination. In the announcement, Jersey Mike’s claimed to have special training vidoes reguarding this topic. Any shared kitchen is always a risk, but there are ways to minimize exposure. Do the employees on the store level understand the importance? Will I get sick just trying to simply eat a sandwich? God knows that not everyone cares how bad these things can effect people.

Still a little skeptical, I asked about their procedures as soon as I had the chance. The lady behind the counter knew exactly what I was talking about and called out my order. Everyone on the line, even the ones not responsible for coming in contact woth my food, changed their gloves. They picked up an individual wrapped gluten free sub and started to assemble my sandwich on top of a piece of parchment paper. That’s right…no gluten free bread touching the regular countertops! There was even a separate knife used for my sandwich. Celiac approved 🙂

Now I had obviously not had Jersey Mike’s before, gluten free or otherwise. I reallyyyy love sandwiches and I left very happy! They sliced the cold cuts right for the sandwich that I ordered. I got a few different meats…and let me tell you the ratio to the bread did not disappoint! You can even get your sandwich “Mike’s Way” with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil/vinegar, and spices.

I will definitely be back to try more kinds! There are never enough chances in a day to eat a sandwich.



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