Swoon Bakery

EDIT: Sadly today is their last day as a dedicated space, but here is the draft I wrote before I knew this:


Swoon Gluten Free Bakery is truly a gift to this earth. They are a dedicated gluten and nut free facility located in Ridgefield, CT. You can also enjoy some dairy free and/or vegan options which they keep on a different shelf in the case! They will even ask you if you want a dairy item boxed separate from the dairy free. Queue every person with food allergies crying tears of joy!

I have been going to this bakery for years whenever I am in that area. Let me tell you everything they touch is magic! Cupcakes, cookies, bundt cakes, oh my! They even make something call monkey buns! It’s like a miniature version of monkey bread. Think of a sweet moist cinnamon roll topped with delicious icing! Another favorite of mine is their lemon ricotta tea cake, which tastes like a straight up gooey croissant 🙂

Let’s talk cupcakes real quick. They have so many delicious flavors that I gave them their own paragraph! My top favorites are definitely sweet n salty (caramel), red velvet and lemon raspberry! They take classic flavor pairings like cookies-n-cream, funfetti, mint chocolate, and mocha that they turn into beautiful little desserts. Seasonal flavors and/or decorations also make their way into the retail case. Around the holidays they also do a holiday order menu!

There are people who go out of their way to go get me goodies from swoon for holiday dinners, birthdays, and other events…just in case anyone was wondering how much I love this place ❤





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