Burton’s Grill

Do you ever see a picture of food and suddenly crave it? That’s what happened to me when I saw a picture of the gluten free Maxx Burger from Burton’s Grill in South Windsor, CT. Upon looking at their page and seeing how accomidating they were for being “gluten sensitive”, I knew I had to try this place out.

We went on a busy Saturday night, so we had to wait a bit for a table. Naturally this lead us to sit at the bar. To my surprise, even the drink menu had their “gs” (gluten sensitive) markings right on it! I ordered the Sangria Mimosa and fell in love immediately. It was fruity, bubbly, and boozy all at once.

Before they even walked us to the table, they asked if we needed a gluten sensitive menu. Not only is this a separate menu, but they put a different color string on the outside to differentiate. Before I could even let our waitress know about my celiac’s disease, she told us how almost everything there is scratch made which also makes controlling allergens easier. Then after I told her, she asked if there were any other allergies at the table. Then on top of all of that, they were voted #1 most allergy-friendly restaurants in 2018 (by AllergyEats). But wait, it gets even better?? They make gluten sensitive bread for you to start the meal with.

I opened the gf menu (because this was not your typical one sheet of limited options) and kept being amazed at every turn. Starting out with dedicing an appetizer was my first step. The one that jumped out the most was General Tso cauliflower. Yes you read that right. Those little bites blew us away with their flavor. Think savory and heat. Sesame chicken mixed with sweet and sour chicken. My boyfriend is not super into veggies or healthy things but he looked at me in shock and went “how the hell did they make cauliflowr taste like chicken?!” Instantly any craving I’ve had the past 7 years for chinese food was gone.

Burton’s has overwhelming drool worthy amount of “gs” options. There are many dishes I still wish to try in the future, but I had to go with the one that got me through the door. The Maxx Burger. Onion strings. Cheese. Burger. I could hear the heavens open and the angels singing when she placed it down in front of me. As if that wasn’t enough, it came with warm and crispy fries.

The best part of the entire experience was how safe I felt eating there. They even use different shaped plates to signal that something is or isn’t gluten sensitive. I highly reccomend Burton’s Grill to anyone who lives near a location.



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