About Sammi

Hello! People I knew always loved when I posted pictures of what I ate. So I decided to start sharing them!

The summer of 2011, my naturopathic doctor had me on a very strict diet. I had been really sick, so she decided to test me for food sensitivities. She found 11 and I had to stop eating all of them! She wanted me to eliminate them for 4 to 6 months. She hoped that this would allow my body to “reset” itself. They were a long few months let me tell you…but now i enjoy eating them! Well, all of them except for one.

That brings us to the summer of 2012. I had been feeling a lot better, but something still wasn’t right. I always had “stomach” issues and I was even diagnosed with acid reflux when I was little. Finally, someone had the bright idea of testing me for Celiac Disease! I went to my doctor and sure enough…I have it! Good thing one of those sensitivities was wheat..because now I had beginner practice going gluten free. This time I just had to do it for the rest of my life!

I grew up shopping in health food stores (and trust me they’ve gotten a lot better in the past 20 years). I didn’t come to terms with my diagnosis right away..I didn’t even do it the right way for a longggg time. But I have found it can be just as exciting as “regular” eating and I’m here to show that to the world!

I don’t have a great quality camera (I use my galaxy s4) and I’m not a trained chef…but I hope you enjoy!

-Gluten Free Sammi


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