Top 10 Songs I Listened to in 2017

Music has always been a huge connection to my emotions for me. If I'm in a bad mood, I listen to songs that I can relate to in the moment. If I'm in a good mood, I listen to songs that makes me dance around and sing. I jam out while I'm cooking, driving,  and … Continue reading Top 10 Songs I Listened to in 2017


Beauty Week Sale at Whole Foods!

In honor of beauty week, Whole Foods (at least in the ny/ct/nj region) is having a sale! And of course I participated 😀 The sale covered face care/make up and lasts from March 22 through March 28. Hello 25% off! I have dry skin with sensitive tendencies, so these are products that I feel work best … Continue reading Beauty Week Sale at Whole Foods!

My Top 3 Beauty Companies of 2016!

I am very passionate about skin and body care. As a celiac, I don't just have to worry about gluten in my body, but on it! In 2016 I made the full transition to healthy beauty products. This was was very exciting to me, as I had trouble with this in the past (mainly a … Continue reading My Top 3 Beauty Companies of 2016!


Gluten Free Beer??

So as the holiday are approaching, I came upon this wonderful list...Best GF Beers! I have had my various encounters with GF beers. From going to stores to buy it, to bars, to the Gluten Free Food Expo, there are more options out there now. There's a bar/restaurant that I go to sometimes that has … Continue reading Gluten Free Beer??



I wanted to try Gee Free brand puff pastry dough since I found it a few weeks ago. I finally got my hands on some. Of course I couldn't let my homemade jelly go to waste, so I made a childhood favorite 😀 I wanted to use parchment paper, but I was out. So I … Continue reading Turnovers!